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Temara Melek-has her new song Cali Skies out and here is the video
Temara always knew she wanted to become a recording artist and has worked her entire life singing, dancing and preparing for her time in the spotlight. She incorporates her dance training into her stage shows and really loves the whole “Production” of a concert. Temara’s musical influences are artists such as Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, and Jesse J. Temara’s first single Pour it on Sweet was nominated for a HMMA award in 2011 for best pop song. In just a year, Temara has established a strong fan base with over 250,000 twitter followers and thousands of Facebook fans and youtube subscribers.
You can check out her website, facebook and twitter . Watch for her appearing soon at a place near you!

Temara Melek TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF PARTY October 20, 2012

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Pop Singer, Temara Melek had a


on Friday night with all of her friends at her home.  Everyone that came donated to UNICEF, and the had a great time dancing, scary movies, games, lots of food and treats and even a fortune teller.

Her friends had some great costumes, check them out here:

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‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ is an education and fundraising initiative that, for over 60 years, has given US children, along with their parents and teachers, the opportunity to learn about their peers worldwide who are truly in need – and to raise money on their behalf.

US children have collected nearly $160 million by going door-to-door with the trademark orange collection boxes on Halloween and by planning fundraisers with their school or group.

Third Annual Celebrity Charity Walk ‘n’ Roll for FSH Muscular Dystrophy Sunday October 7th with Host Max Adler from Glee

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The 3rd Annual Celebrity Charity Walk ‘n’ Roll for FSH Muscular Dystrophy will be held This Sunday, October 7th at the Heritage Park in Irvine.

Come on out, Registration starts at 10:00 a.m. THE Walk ‘n’ Roll, Games and a Chalk Art Contest go from 11:00 to 11:45.  At 11:45  to 1:00, there will presentations and a VIP Lunch with Celebrities sponsored by Dave & Busters of Irvine and then from

1:00 – 2:00 Music, Games, Prizes, as well as Silent and Live Auctions.

You can register here at :

Celebrities that will be in attendance are:

Host for the event, MAX ADLER from GLEE. 

BRIAN GOODELL Gold Medalist Winner in the 1976 Olympics for Swimming.  KAITLIN SANDENO-2004 Olympic winner of Gold, Silver and Bronze in Swimming.  PAT MCCORMICK-Only woman diver in Olympic History to win 4 Gold Medals.  TONIE CAMPBELL-Olympic bronze medalist in the 1988 Olympics.                KATHLEEN BRADLEY-From The Price is Right and the hit film FRIDAY.                    ZACH CALLISON-The upcoming “Sofia the First” on the Disney Junior Channel will be premiering this fall with Zach as the voice of PRINCE JAMES, was also seen in HANNAH MONTANA AND I’M IN THE BAND, among others.                                                                LYDIA CORNELL-Winner of the People’s Choice Award for “Sarah Rush” in” TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT”.                                                                                                           MILLENA GAY-Recurred on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and recurred on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and just seen in NIGHTTALES.                                                                                             MELISSA “MOJO” HUNTER-Appeared on JOE MILLIONARE and MILLIONARE MATCHMAKER.                                                                                                                                        CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT-best know for playing Peter Brady in the BRADY BUNCH.  As well as other tv appearances, he currently host the game show TRIVIAL PURSUIT. PETER KWONG-Haas appeared in over 100 films as well a guest starred on many tv shows like BOSTON LEGAL, GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE DISTRICT, ETC…                 TEMARA MELEK-Teen Recording artist with a new song being released at the end of this month, come see her perform at the POP EXPLOSION  ANSELMO MARTINI-Appeared in the films FAST FIVE AND AMERICANIZING SHELLEY as well as tv credits in CSI;NY, BOSTON LEGAL, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, MEDIUM and more.                                                                                                                    JERRY MATHERS-best known for his role as the ‘BEAVER’ in LEAVE IT TO  BEAVER, as well as starring on Broadway  as “Wilbur” in HAIRSPRAY.                                             CHIP AND KIM MCALLISTER-Winners of the AMAZING RACE 5.                            TUCKER SMALLWOOD-Known for his roles in STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE AND SPACE:ABOVE AND BEYOND.                                                                                                      AARON SPEARS-Played Justin Barber on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. as well as MANY TV SHOWS.                                                                                                                     MISI STOMBER-Actress and singer, working with Ray Brown and will debut on tour soon.  Just released her new song CALI.                                                                            JENNESSA ROSE-Voices for over 35 films, such as KUMIKO in PONYO, ARANIA IN CHARLOTTES WEB, Sings in GLEE 3D,  as well as LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, CRAZY STUPID LOVE, Bambi 2, TARZAN 2,  and more.                                                                    JULIANNA ROSE-working on KHUMBA, a triggerfish production to be released in 2012.  Guest on ICARLY, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, MAD MEN,  as well as voices in over 20 films, sang in both the JUSTIN BIEBER:NEVER SAY NEVER and GLEE 3D.

Zach Callison at “Chance to Play” to support a great cause with Stephen Kramer Glickman and Kirk Fox.

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Actor ZACH CALLISON was one of the celebrities that came out to support CHANCE TO PLAY 2012 at Crowell Field at USC on Sunday August 5, 2012.  Chance to Play was created by Kyle Weiss, the founder of FUNDaFIELD and Ryan Potter, the founder of Toy Box of Hope, Chance to Play is a day of fun, soccer, celebrities, good times and entertainment for two very good causes.

Zach Callison and many other celebrities including: Hosts Stephen Kramer Glickman(Big Time Rush) and  Host Kirk Fox(How To Rock), with DJ Colgate along with Kent Boyd, Madison Mcglaughlin, Sterling Beauman, Dillon Lane, Erin Sanders, Taylor Gray, Kenton Duty, Ashley Argota, Luluntariska , Ryan Ochoa, Julianna Rose, Jennessa Rose, Lia Marie Johnson, Temara Melek, Trevor Jackson, Iam5Band, Evan Hofer, Dylan Hyde, Sarah McMullen, Matthew Fahey, and lots more.

Actor Zach Callison is currently working on Disney’s Sofia the First as Prince James with Ariel Winter and Darcy Rose Byrnes.

ZACH CALLISON: A singer, actor, voice actor and lead in a band”Delirium” . This multi talented teenager can be seen and heard everywhere as well as lending his hand to many charities. Lead in Disney’s new Sofia the First coming this fall. Film Credits include: A White Trash Christmas with Eric Roberts, Rock Jocks, Land of the Lost: Television Credits include: Little Brother, a Fox Pilot, I Carly, Funny or Die, Perfect Couples, Hannah Montana, Part of the Class of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” 2008, and Diary of a Single Mom:Zach’s voice can be heard in lead roles in : Steven’s Universe, Sofia the First, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Kinect Disneyland, Sym-bionic Titan, Adventures in Odyssey, Scooby Doo Mystery, Inc, Captain Marvel, and Shadowlands

Zach Callison

UneeqabilityLIVE! charity show at the world famous Roxy Theatre

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On April 21, 2012 The 3rd UneeqablityLive! charity show was held at the world famous Roxy Theatre and played to a sold out crowd. In the venue was a packed house full of fans, family and supporters of the Uneeqability movement.

This UneeqabilityLIVE! event  benefited a great non-profit organization called We Stop Hate.  This organization is about ‘Boppers’ – teens around the world dedicated to ending bullying through raising self-esteem.

The host for the day was  Joby Harte, who introduced a trick roller skating team courtesy of sponsor Vanilla Skates who danced on their skates and did acrobatics and this got the whole crowd ready for the performances.

The packed house came to see these amazing performers: Leon Thomas III, Rachel Crow, Jasmine Villegas, Midnight Red, Max Schneider, Corey Gray, Caleb and Brandon & Savannah.

Some of the Celebrities who came out to support Uneeqability help raise awareness to stop bullying were :  Kenton Duty, Dillon Lane, Holliston Coleman, Bobby Coleman, Jack Depew, Julianna Rose, Jennessa Rose, Madison Curtis, Savannah Outen, Temara Melek, Christina Gabrielle.

What is young Hollwood really like?? The Young Hollywood 9 – read about it in the magazine BYOU

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What is Young Hollywood Really Like  find out in the current issue of BYOU Magazine!

Young Hollywood 9-Temara Melek, Allisyn Arm, Cameron Harper, Jennessa Rose, Julianna Rose, Devin Fox, Cody Sulek, Audrey Whitby and Noland Ammon

Meet (left to right in photo on right) Temara MelekAllisyn Arm, Cameron Harper, Jennessa Rose, Julianna Rose, Devin Fox, Cody Sulek, Audrey Whitby, and Noland Ammon. They are Disney stars, film stars, recording artists, and even a comedian. They all work hard and are super busy, but still find time to be involved with charities and raise awareness for world issues.

In the current issue of BYOU magazine, you’ll find out WHO:

  • Admits to being a science nerd
  • Is also a youth pastor
  • Started their own charity
  • Likes sleepovers with BFFs
  • Shaves their unibrow every day
  • Can stick their tongue to their nose
  • Watched “Easy A” 32 times & “Hunger Games” 4 times
  • Can ski black diamonds
  • Has a passion for rescuing animals

Don’t miss this issue! Get your subscription today for only $17.97 for a whole year of fun and empowerment! To order, CLICK HERE or visit or call tollfree (855) BUY-BYOU, that’s (855) 289-2968.