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Temara Melek TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF PARTY October 20, 2012

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Pop Singer, Temara Melek had a


on Friday night with all of her friends at her home.  Everyone that came donated to UNICEF, and the had a great time dancing, scary movies, games, lots of food and treats and even a fortune teller.

Her friends had some great costumes, check them out here:

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‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ is an education and fundraising initiative that, for over 60 years, has given US children, along with their parents and teachers, the opportunity to learn about their peers worldwide who are truly in need – and to raise money on their behalf.

US children have collected nearly $160 million by going door-to-door with the trademark orange collection boxes on Halloween and by planning fundraisers with their school or group.