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Pop Fiction performs at The Roxy with Ryan Beatty for a full house.

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September 2, 2012 at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA

The Boy Band POP FICTION performed at The Roxy in West Hollywood last night before a full house.  POP FICTION performed with Faith Ross and Ryan Beatty, a new teen heart throb.  But the Fans were loving the music of POP FICTION and had them all lined up afterwards for cd’s, t-shirts and autographs.

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The band, Justin Tyler – Vocals, Tyler Nichols – Drums, Michael Maughan – Guitar, and Collin Masiel – Bass.  The group was formed in April 2011.  They have been out touring most recently with Burham(Deaf Jam)and just recently released their Self Titled album that was produced by Linus Of Hollywood.

Follow POP FICTION to find out more and catch their next show! Lovett/New Life Entertainment (

Justin Tyler – Vocals

Tyler Nichols – Drums

Michael Maughan – Guitar

Collin Masiel – Bass

Talk to us! @PopFictionMusic

Ryan Beatty unveils the music video for his new single “Hey LA,” at his concert at THE ROXY September 2, 2012

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Ryan Beatty unveils the music video for his new single “Hey LA,” at his concert at THE ROXY September 2, 2012

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Fans packed into The Roxy last night to see Ryan Beatty‘s new video for his single, “Hey LA” and see his concert.   Ryan’s voice in very strong and he is not only connecting with the song but also with the audience.

Here is the new video for “Hey LA”:


Bella Thorne, Iam5, Teen Celebrities, rock the Do and Staples for StudentsTeen Choice After Party at the Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre

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Bella Thorne and New Boy Band “Iam5”

Last night after the Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson, there was another party going strong at the “”  “Staples for Students” party at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios.  Bella Thorne who is the spokesperson for the Staples for Students campaign not only shined on the red carpet but then took the stage with the new boy band “Iam5” and rocked the stage.

Bella Thorne shines on the red carpet with sister Dani Thorne


Lots of celebs were there to join Bella Thorne and “Iam5” to fill hundreds of backpacks with school supplies for Los Angeles students in need.

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Jennessa Rose, Misi Stomber and Julianna Rose raising a hand in support of “Staples for Students”

Stefanie Scott raising her hand for “Staples for Students”

Zendaya signing the bosrd in support of “Staples for Students”

The great thing about this party was all these teen celebrities were there to support a great campaign. And you can still support “Staples for Students” by bringing school supplies to any Staples thru Mid September and help those who cannot afford school supplies.

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Visit : www.staplesfor for more ways you can get involved!

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