Forever 21 and Hello Kitty launch “Hello Kitty Forever” on November 15, 2012 at Forever 21 at the Americana, Glendale, CA

Hello Kitty for Forever 21 launch party at the Americana at Brand was Thursday night, November 15th. There were  crowds hours before outside the store wrapped around the building some getting there as early as noon.

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Pop art jewelry designer and reality TV star Onch!, who created seven accessories for the Hello Kitty Forever Collaboration, was on site to meet fans and pose for pictures. “The goal of this collection was to make it classic, so if you wear it in 2050, it will still be hip,” the animated designer explained. “Being a huge fan of Hello Kitty…I went wild with what I could do!” He also pointed out that each piece has a double-twist pretzel as a charm, an Onch! signature.

The new Hello Kitty Forever collection includes everything from sweaters and pajamas to umbrellas, pillowcases, and bags.

For this special night there were Hello Kitty manicures, a Hello Kitty photo booth, a candy bar, Hello Kitty Manis and of course  Hello Kitty herself.

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