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ALL MY CHILDREN-PREMIERES APRIL 29, 2013 with newcomer, Robert Scott Wilson (Pete Cortland, son of Opal and Palmer)

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After a gunshot was fired five years ago, how has life in Pine Valley changed? Who will find love? Who will seek revenge? The characters you have come to love, the characters you will meet for the first time… Find out when all new daily episodes begin, Monday, April 29th.

The Characters you know: Julia Barr (Brooke), Jill Larson (Opal), David Canary (Adam), Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin), Debbie Morgan (Angie), Darnell Williams (Jesse), me (Dixie), Eden Reigal (Bianca), Vincent Irrizary (David), Francesca James (Evelyn), Jordi Vilacuso (Griff), Lindsay Hartley (Cara), and Thorston Kaye (Zack)… that’s THIRTEEN veterans of the show in place from the START, and you can bet there are more to come.

The New characters: Eric Nelson (AJ, son of JR), Ryan Bittle (JR), Jordan Lane Price (Celia), Heather Roop (Jane), Sal Stowers (Cassandra, daughter of Angie and Jesse), Robert Scott Wilson (Pete Cortland, son of Opal and Palmer), and Denyse Tontz (Miranda, daughter of Bianca)… that’s only SEVEN and almost all of them are related to long standing, beloved core characters!

Kids of all my children:

kids of all my children