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Teen creates “Up In Arms Comedy” for teens and helps other teens thru generating funds for Children’s Hospital

The show is hosted by Alex Dale and is a mix between the Daily Show and SNL but for teens by teens. Alex writes the scripts. The scripts center around social issues popular or facing teens but in a comedic way.

“Up In Arms Comedy” teen, Alex Dale creates a comedy show that not only is entertaining but also generate funds for Children’s Hospital.


Alex Dale, was diagnosed with Kypohosis in 2010. He had to wear a neck brace for nine months which proved ineffective. Alex then had spinal fusion surgery in July of 2011 by Dr Skaggs Children’s Hospital LA Orthopedic Center. Dr. Skaggs has a research endowment to research treatment methods of spinal deformities including Scheuermann’s Kyphosis. So Alex wanted to create this show to help other kids suffering from the spinal deformity.

Dr. Skaggs being presented a check by Hosts of Up In Arms Comedy Alex Dale and Madison Curtis



Alex was just written up by Children’s Hospital, check out his article:

Alex Dale, 16, a Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Junior Ambassador and writer and creator of the comedy web series Up In Arms, recently donated $150 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The teenage mastermind behind the creation of Up In Arms was diagnosed with Scheuermann Kyphosis, a spinal deformity in August 2010 and had to wear a back brace for nine months, which did not cure him. In July 2011, David Skaggs, MD, Chief, Children’s Orthopaedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, performed a spinal fusion on Alex to correct the curvature of his spine.

There is currently inadequate information and research about Scheuermann Kyphosis. Funds are being collected to explore the disorder to provide more treatment options for children so that they do not have to live with the effects of kyphosis into adulthood.

In 2011, Alex launched his web series, Up In Arms, to raise money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to help research treatment for children who are diagnosed with Scheuermann Kyphosis. It is described as a cross between The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live and is written in a humorous fashion, focused on social issues that teens are dealing with and to ultimately lend support for others who are struggling with spinal deformity.

“I want to assist other people who are suffering from Scheuermann Kyphosis and raise funds to help research alternate methods for treatment,” says Alex. Viewers can give back to the cause through the Up In Arms website, where 100% of the proceeds go directly to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Alex, a Glendale, Calif. resident, made the check presentation earlier this week to Dr. Skaggs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and was joined by actress Madison Curtis, another Junior Ambassador who resides in West Toluca Lake.