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Lia Marie Johnson
Lia Marie Johnson, Cody Simpson and Gatlin Green

Check your computers, Finding Cody was released yesterday on The Warner Sound, and Lia Marie Johnson is starring in it alongside Cody Simpson, Allie Simpson, and Gatlin Green.
It is a fun interactive movie that you get to try to find your way to the end.

Lia Marie Johnson is also known for the Kids React and Teens React webisodes,  where she collaborates with the Fine Brothers(Benny and Raffi), who are the producers.
Lia is one of the top 100 You Tubers with over 15 million views.
You can also catch Lia Marie Johnson on Awesomeness TV, as she pulls out her wacky charachter, and check it out  CLICK HERE: AWESOMENESS TV

Lia as Terry the Tomboy

Also, this past Saturday Lia Marie Johnson along with her Pink Army Gyrls, Alicia and Charisma were at the “Stars Will Shine Song Release” event benefiting Lollipop Theater Network.  The girls starred in the music video along with other talented singers and all benefits of the songs will go to the Lollipop Theatre Network.

   Lia Marie Johnson, Alicia Randolph and Charisma KainClick here to see the music video for :”The Stars Will Shine”


Born in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Lia moved around a lot during her childhood, as a result of her father’s military career, but eventually settled in California. Fortunately, relocating to the West Coast opened up new opportunities for her in the entertainment industry.
You can expect to see alot more of her as she has some exciting projects to come.


Who is Lia Marie Johnson – Actress, Singer, Comedianne with over 14 million you tube views!!!!! Next up, Finding Cody with Cody Simpson!

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Who is Lia Marie Johnson – Actress, Singer, Comedianne with over 14 million you tube views!!!!! Next up, “Teens React”, “My Music”, “Awesomeness TV”, “Up In Arms Comedy”, and “Finding Cody” with Cody Simpson!

Lia Marie Johnson is one girl to watch for .  Lia is an actress, singer, comedianne and you tube star with over 14 million views.  And has done all of this at the tender age of 15 years old.
Lia has become well known for being featured in TheFineBros’ Youtube series “Kids React”, and later being moved up to “Teens React.”.  Kids React’ is an Emmy nominated webseries. This hilarious videos by the Find Bros have over 349 million views.  What is it like for a young teen to have all those views.  Lia says “It feels really good, 14 million is a really big number It’s funny how the most random stuff on youtube gets so many views.”
Lia is also working with The Fine Brother on a webseries called MyMusic, which is hilarious! “The show has some really great actors like Adam Busch, Grace Helbig, and of course Jarrett Sleeper who plays my dad Metal. Plus a ton of big you tubers have guest starred including Toby turner, Shane Dawson and Felicity Day!”
And Lia also works with the incredible team from AwesomenessTV doing funny sketches and will be the new host on “Up In Arms Comedy!”


Lia Marie Johnson, Cody Simpson and Gaitlin Green on set of the film “Finding Cody”

Lia will be starring along side Cody Simpson is his first film called “Finding Cody”.  A great fit for Lia, as this film is the first YouTube choose-your-own-adventure-style film starring a major musical artist. The film will feature multiple annotations allowing viewers to click and choose innumerable paths to reach the exciting conclusion, a surprise that will be every fan’s dream come true. Finding Cody is set to premiere in September.  What was it like working on the film? “That was a really fun shoot! It definitely went by too quickly. Working with Cody was great, he was very cool. His sister and whole family were very nice.
People can expect a lot of crazy things to happen in Finding Cody, plus it’s an interactive film….you choose where you want the film to go.”
 More things about Lia that you should know!
“I am actually more shy in person than on camera”
It all starts at her family’s dinner table where she says
“My family’s dinner table is hilarious and loud”

 I love to pull pranks on my dad and my sisters. Last prank we did was dropping water balloons from the balcony.

 Thanks for the support!!
Love my Creeeeperrrsss!
I feel so lucky!

Lia was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii. She is part of a military family and has lived all over the United States including Panama City, Florida, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Port Hueneme, California and San Diego, California. Lia started her career in Virginia at age 10 where she was discovered in an acting class and cast in her first film. Since then she has acted in numerous films, television shows, and national commercials.