MIDNIGHT RED rocks the stage at Knottsberry Farm July 20, 2012

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MIDNIGHT RED rocked the stage at Knottsberry Farm Friday night to a big crowd of Midnight Red fans.

With their new song “HELL YEAH” which is out on ITUNES, they had the fans dancing and screaming for them.

Meet the boys:

 Joey Diggs Jr., 21, from Los Angeles, CA, who says his father, a singer who is best known as the voice behind Coca-Cola’s “Always” campaign jingle, taught him everything he knows. “I’m ready to show the world what it means to chase a dream and work hard to make that dream become reality,” he says.


Thomas Augusto, 19, from Arlington, TX, was called the “little entertainer” by his family as a kid because “my parents could never shut me up,” he says. A fan of Beyonce, Radiohead, and No Doubt, Thomas has spent years dreaming about being on a huge stage doing what he loves to do. “There were always pyrotechnics in my daydreams,” he says.

Anthony Ladao, 18, from Seattle, WA, has been singing since the age of 12 and dancing since the age of 6. Seeing Usher perform at the MTV Video Music Awards first sparked his interest in dance and “from there it became my passion,” he says.

Colton Rudloff, 22, from Buffalo, NY, was selected as Midnight Red’s fifth member after being discovered through videos he had posted on YouTube. A huge fan of American Idol, Colton credits the show for exposing him to many different genres of music. “I lean toward artists who have a passion for pure singing,” he says. “There’s no need for all the smoke and mirrors if you have a great voice.”

Eric Secharia, 19, from Burbank, CA, describes himself as a “hipster” whom you’ll never catch not smiling. Eric, who has been singing since age 6, and dancing since age 12, plays guitar and ukulele, and cites Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as his main musical influences. “They are two people who truly stood out as performers that mastered their craft and used it to change the world,” he says

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