Nothing But Nets, Letters of Hope April 25, 2012 Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA

On April 25, 2012, Variety’s Power of Youth and the United Nations Foundation held the “Letters of Hope” press event at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign is linking Los Angeles youth with a humanitarian crisis half a world away through its Letters of Hope event .

Chris Helfrich, director of Nothing But Nets as well as, South Sudanese refugee Tut Gatyiel, Actress Serinda Swan, and Rapper Lupe Fiasco all spoke about the campaign and what we can all do to help. Also, in attendance were Brian Gott; editor of Variety; Rachel Smith, United Nations and Benny Aguayo; Marketing Manager for Pantages Theatre.

Young Hollywood came out to support as well, Actress Jennessa Rose, Actor Zach Callison, Actress Mandalynn Carlson, Actor Brandon Tyler Russell, Actress Hayley Ogas, Actress Merit Leighton, and Actress Marlowe Peyton wrote personal letters that will be delivered to refugee children in South Sudan along with life-saving bed nets to protect South Sudanese children from malaria. They all were there to support and create awareness to other youths in LA.

Cast members from Billy Elliot the Musical, Leah Hocking, Kylend Hetherington and Kathleen Hennessey, were there as well to shine a light on the plight of South Sudanese refugees and the threat they face of contracting malaria. They performed “The Letter,” a song about a mother protecting her child.

The disease is the leading killer of children under five in South Sudan. Since last June, more than 130,000 refugees—and counting—have entered South Sudan to escape fighting in the region. As Nothing But Nets works to send 100,000 life-saving bed nets to these families, LA kids are trying to send them hope.

The United Nations Foundation recently announced a new Global Entrepreneurs Council which is made up of 10 emerging entrepreneurs under the age of 40 who will work with the UN to address global issues in a 21st century mindset. They include the marketing director of Facebook, Randi Zuckerberg, the VP of Consumer Products at Google, Marissa Mayer, and the publisher of Variety Magazine, Brian Gott, amongst others involved in  Nothing But Nets.

Nothing But Nets is powered by your passion; it works because you do! Grab your family, friends, and classmates and work together to spread the word, raise funds, and share stories.

Your $10 contribution goes towards the cost of purchasing a long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net, distributing it, and educating communities on its use.

Get started today! Send a net. Save a life. Together we can cover a continent.

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